Junkie burglar threw brick

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A DRUG addict burglar who was jailed for throwing a brick through a friend’s window and stealing his daughter’s games console has had his prison sentence slashed by top judges in London.

Kevin Wesley, aged 45, was jailed for 21 months at Sheffield Crown Court in September after admitting burglary - his 116th offence in a long criminal history.

But after an appeal by his lawyers, three senior judges said the sentence was too long and cut it to 16 months at the Court of Appeal.

Wesley, of Sheffield Road, Barnsley, admitted he had gone to the nearby home of his friend, 40-year-old Darren Wilcock, on the afternoon of July 29 last year.

Finding the house empty he threw a brick through a window, climbed in, and took a games machine, games, a DVD player and DVDs, some of which he sold to get money for heroin.

He was traced and arrested after his blood was found on the broken window, and he admitted the offence.

But his lawyers argued more account should have been given in sentencing to the possibility he could be rehabilitated. Wesley had joined a drug abuse programme and was said to have started well, but had to stop when he was jailed in September.

“This is yet another sorry story of an offender with a long history of drug abuse stealing to fund the habit,” said Mr Justice Edwards-Stuart. “His marriage had broken down, leaving him homeless for a period. In addition, he had failed to stay with his controlled methadone prescription and had resumed using heroin.”

The correct sentence was 16 months’ imprisonment, said the judge.