Jumping on the bandwagon

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Earlier this week Al Jazeera Arab news was reporting that people from at least five other African countries were jumping on the bandwagon to get to Europe, at least 500,000 to start with.

Serbia, Hungary and Croatia have now closed their borders and put their armies on standby because there countries do not and can not support so many people.

So now where do they go? Yes, you guessed it, Austria, UK and Germany.

They say they will now be heading for what they call hot spot countries.

I have friends in Germany who say Angela Merkel has lost the plot.

They say that the government has forgotten all about the people from East Germany who came in after the Berlin Wall came down in 1989.

Have you noticed that we are doing the invaders favours yet they are demanding where they want to go.

All safe countries should be good enough, don’t you think and demands from them should not be met .

This is now a flood and this country will be flooded.

We need to close our borders as soon as possible and the EU and NATO need to stop the war in Syria before all the African continent arrive on our doorstep.