Julie Dore failed to reply to my emails

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In last week’s Star, there was an article on Council Leader Julie Dore. She was encouraging people to attend meetings and discuss their differences and concerns to find ways of improving the services in Sheffield.

Around a year ago, a leaflet dropped through my letterbox explaining where all the rate payers money was being spent.

It also said to contact Coun Dore via email if anyone had any questions or concerns about the expenditure for services in Sheffield. It also said that a reply would be sent by Coun Dore.

I sent her an email three times. There was no reply to any. She appears regularly in The Star when it suits her, but appears to have buries her head in the sand when a hard working self employed tax payer (for 42 years) asked legitimate questions regarding the future of the city that I love and have supported throughout my life.

S Shepherd