Judgement on feckless Clegg

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WHAT a decent man Nick Clegg is.

He is going to return the £38,000 profit he made on his rarely used Sheffield home to the taxpayer.

Will he now tell us whether he will be claiming any rent allowance for his luxury rented apartment in Rivelin Valley?

Maggie, Ranmoor

n The letter by Mr E Crookes had me spluttering.

Are you that blind that you can’t see that it was Clegg who lied through his teeth to get into power.

Was the broken promise on tuition fees also made up by Labour?

Was his stab in the back for Forgemasters also just a dream?

It seems to me and many more that, no matter what lies you have been told, it’s far easier to follow a feckless leader like Clegg.

The forthcoming elections will tell you what the people of Britain think of Clegg, Mr Crookes.

Amanda Sanders, Hallam