Judge backs terror suspect’s Pakistan travel ban

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A SHEFFIELD born terror suspect who was forced to live in Bristol under terrorism prevention measures has lost his bid to overturn a court order which bans him from travelling to Pakistan.

The man, referred to in court only as BM, had applied to vary the court order imposed under new legislation.

In the latest hearing Mr Justice Collins said there was ‘reason to believe’ the 39-year-old British national ‘has been, is and will continue to be involved in terrorism-related activity’ unless his movements were curbed.

The ruling is the first review under the 2011 Terrorism Prevention and Investigation Measures Act, which repealed controversial control orders criticised by civil liberties campaigners. The new TPIMs have been criticised because, unlike control orders, they do not allow terror suspects to live outside London, helping to disrupt extremist networks.

A control order was first imposed on BM in May 2009 and he was forced to live in Bristol.

He has only recently been allowed to move to east London, where his ex-wife and their five children live. Mr Justice Collins said Sheffield-born BM, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, believed two of his brothers who had engaged in terrorist activities in Pakistan were now dead.

Mr Justice Collins said following reports one of his brothers had died in November, BM ‘glorified him and their actions’.

The judge added: “The belief is he wants to, and will - if not subject to an order - go to Pakistan and involve himself in terrorism-related activity there.

“He seeks the same path, since he holds the same extremist views as they held, and wishes to put them into action.”

The judge backed Home Secretary Theresa May’s decision to impose the court order on BM in January.