Jubilee balloon launch could harm animals

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I WAS appalled by the picture of the litter left on Devonshire Green on the front page of the Star on May 25, but not in the least surprised.

For those of us who do realise the damage litter does to the environment it is extremely depressing.

We all have to take responsibility for the environment and binning or recycling rubbish is one of the easiest things to do.

However, as I turned the pages of The Star, I noticed the heading Balloon Launch to Mark the Diamond Jubilee.

Hundreds of balloons were to be released from Meganursery at Megacentre on Bernard Road as part of a fund-raising campaign for the refurbishment of its rooftop play area.

A worthy cause, I am sure, but many of these balloons will become litter and potentially the cause of a painful death to any bird or mammal that comes across it.

There will also be other less noticeable, but no less serious, effects on the environment.

Shame on Meganursery and shame on the Lord Mayor for agreeing to release the balloons.

I recently read that the council is going to get tough on litter louts.

I hope they do, they certainly should!

MN Tiddy, S17

n Thank you for the effort by the picnickers on the Bolehills who did pick up their litter and place it in the bins which were emptied as quickly as possible by the rangers who are doing a great job in spite of staff cutbacks.

The public can help by placing litter in the bins.

We get joggers and smokers who discard their litter for other people to pick up. We are lucky to have green spaces to enjoy, let’s keep it clean.

Come enjoy the view, but take your litter home.

P Marsden