JP Bean will be missed

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Saddened to hear of the death of JP Bean, author of several books on Sheffield local history and Sheffielders deeds and misdeeds, the two most celebrated being The Sheffield Gang Wars and Joe Cocker’s biography.

Julian, I never even considered that was a pseudonym, it seemed to fit his laid-back, affable and humorous nature, shared with me a common interest, a fascination with the infamous Charles Frederick Peace and a bemusement that Sheffield City Council planning department, in an all too typical unimaginative act decided that the site of Peace’s murder of Arthur Dyson required the erection of a sandwich shop, (later a beauty parlour, something Charlie could have profitably utilised).

I was present when JP did a fundraiser for our little gem of a Fire and Police Museum and the granddaughter of a gang lad produced her grandad’s Sunday best cosh, (of a size to fit into his suit jacket top pocket).

Julian was also a folk music afficionado and I suspect that was his real love, that and the quirkiness of Sheffielders and Sheffield.

He’ll be missed.

Ron Clayton