Joy of city’s treasure

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It seems to me that the majority of life’s enjoyment arrives when you least expect it!

Take a lovely, sunny mid-June evening as a prime example.

For I’d just missed my bus back to the Bolsover area from Sheffield city centre by a couple of minutes.

Facing a two-hour wait until the next one was due, what should I do?

I needn’t have worried though, for as I strolled through Tudor Square, the Winter Garden in front of me was still open - and this was approaching 8pm.

What a joy to behold it is to be able to enjoy a tropical environment, without the searing heat and annoying insects, right here in the middle of Sheffield.

Indeed the many exotic plants in flower with their vivid orange, red and pink majestic heads complementing the thick and rich green foliage is a joy to behold. Excellent.

However perhaps an even more amazing sight is gathered when you stroll around the backwaters of Sheffield itself.

The lost area between Gibraltar Street and Russell St., which is now separated by the busy Derek Dooley Way that links the Wicker to Shalesmoor, is covered with the most wonderful of wild flowers during the summer months.

Tall, thin, spike-like, purple and pink Linarias, like slender lupins, but with their delicate pinnate leaves.

Butterfly plants or buddleia in abundance and many unexpected escapes make wandering through the back streets of Sheffield a pleasure full of treasure!

Isn’t nature wonderful?

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