Journalist moved to Russian centre

Kieron Bryan, imprisoned journalist.
Kieron Bryan, imprisoned journalist.
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Former Sheffield University student Kieron Bryan, who was arrested following a Greenpeace protest in the Arctic Ocean, has been transferred to a detention centre in St Petersburg.

Mr Bryan studied in Sheffield for four years from 2004 to 2008, gaining a degree in English and a qualification in broadcast journalism.

Now a 29-year-old freelance video journalist, he was moved with 28 activists and one other reporter in a sealed train wagon.

The 30-strong group was arrested in September after staging a protest close to an oil rig in Greenpeace ship Arctic Sunrise, and had been held since then in Murmansk.

They were originally charged with piracy, an offence which could carry a 15-year jail sentence, but after international pressure they were accused instead of hooliganism.

Mr Bryan’s parents, Andy and Ann, attended a silent protest outside the Russian embassy in London earlier this month demanding his release.

Mrs Bryan said Russia had made its point and called for her son to be released.

“Punishment should fit the crime and for what happened that day I think they’ve more than served their punishment,” she said.