Joshua, aged seven, raises £1,800 for charity by walking over three miles from his home to Sheffield United ground

Joshua Palmer with his great grandma Jennie.Joshua Palmer with his great grandma Jennie.
Joshua Palmer with his great grandma Jennie.
A seven-year-old boy who was inspired by his grandmother to walk over three miles for charity has raised £1,800.

Joshua Palmer organised a walk from his Meadowhead home to the home of his favourite football team – Sheffield United – in aid of Parkinson’s UK.

He chose this charity as his great-grandma Jennie Powell, aged 76, has had Parkinson’s disease for the last 12 years.

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Joshua and his dad Rob, aged 29, walked the three and a half miles from their home to the football ground before the last Sheffield United home match of the season. The walk to Bramall Lane took two hours.

Proud dad Rob, said: “He really enjoyed the walk, and he did so well. On his arrival at Bramall Lane, Joshua was greeted by his family including his great grandma, as well as Director of Operations at Sheffield United Football Club Dave McCarthy.

“He was also taken out onto the pitch to officially complete his walk and was then invited down onto the pitch again at half time to be presented to the crowd.

“He was really excited, if also a little nervous, to step onto the pitch at half time, but he got a huge round of applause and plenty of high fives from the fans as he made his way back to his seat.”

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Joshua, who has Autistic Spectrum Disorder, (ASD), had originally aimed to raise £100 for the charity, but he made that within just 24 hours of launching his online JustGiving page.

Mum Charlotte, also aged 29, said: “Joshua’s ASD does make him very indecisive and as such unpredictable, but did not once change his mind on wanting to do this which is very unlike him.

“Because of Joshua’s ASD he doesn’t often show his affectionate side either, so it was fantastic to see him doing such a selfless thing off his own back.”

It was Joshua’s close bond with his great grandma that led to him planning the walk.

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Charlotte said: “He loves to visit his grandma Jennie and does chores for her, such as cleaning her flat for her. She is immensely proud, as are we.”

If you wish to donate to Joshua, you still can. Visit