Jordan Thomas murder trial: Masked man looked inside car and said: ‘Wrong guy’ hours before shooting

The murder scene on Derek Dooley Way
The murder scene on Derek Dooley Way
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A witness told police a masked ‘Somalian’ man approached the car he was sat in, peered in and said: ‘Wrong man’ – just hours before Jordan Thomas was shot dead.

Shoaeb Fayed told officers Jordan was murdered in a car on Derek Dooley Way on the same night as his encounter with the man, who had covered his face with a scarf.

Jordan Thomas, aged 22, who was killed in a shooting incident in Sheffield in December

Jordan Thomas, aged 22, who was killed in a shooting incident in Sheffield in December

In a police interview played to Sheffield Crown Court, Mr Fayed said he was sat in a car smoking with three other passengers at around 8 or 9pm on December 21 when a car pulled on to De La Salle Drive in Pitsmoor.

Mr Fayed said: “Me and three others were smoking in the car and I saw this other car come onto the road.

“A guy gets out and the car goes past us.

He came closer to the car and I could see that he had his hand in his coat pocket, with his face covered. With the car driving past I knew something was wrong. He put his head in the window and said something like, ‘wrong man,’ or, ‘wrong guy,’ then he got back into the car.

“I was scared and frightened but when he left I was relieved. I was thinking, ‘Is he going to shoot or stab someone?’ I wasn’t sure.”

When asked by officers what type of car it was, Mr Fayed said it was a red Mitsubishi Shogun with three people inside.

The court has previously heard the gunman who killed Jordan was also travelling in a Mitsubishi Shogun.

Mr Fayed told police that Ali Akhtar, another passenger in his car, said to the others: “You know they’re looking for someone, somebody phone Jordan and tell him they’re looking for him.”

When officers asked why he had said this, Mr Fayed said he didn’t know and he ‘didn’t want to get involved.’

Officers also asked him why it took nearly ten months to come forward with this information.

He said: “I was scared, I’m still scared now. I didn’t want to be a grass but they can’t get away with this.I was thinking about Jordan and he is the same age as me and he could be living his life right now.

“I tried a few times to ring the police but I would put the phone down.”

Jama Ahmed, aged 26, of Broomhall Place, and Asif Yousaf, aged 33, of Violet Bank Road, both deny the murder of Mr Thomas and the attempted murder of Neshaun Ferguson, who was injured in the shooting.

Yousaf’s father, Mohammed Yousaf, 61, also of Violet Bank Road, denies attempting to pervert the course of justice.

The trial continues.