Jordan Thomas murder trial: Defendant claimed he was ‘at home’ when killing took place

Jordan Thomas, aged 22, died as a result of gunshot injuries
Jordan Thomas, aged 22, died as a result of gunshot injuries
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A suspect accused of playing a part in the killing of Jordan Thomas said he had ‘no idea’ what the murder vehicle he bought was going to be used for.

Asif Yousaf, aged 33, told the jury in his murder trial at Sheffield Crown Court that he bought the car used in the fatal shooting in return for some crack cocaine – but was at home when the murder took place.

The court heard Yousaf was addicted to crack and used to buy the Class A drug from a Somalian gang in Broomhall, of which murder co-accused Jama Ahmed was a member.

Yousaf told the court that on the evening of December 21 he arranged to buy some drugs on London Road.

He said: “I asked for the drugs and Jama said, ‘Hold onto your money, we want you to do us a favour. We want you to buy this car.’”

Adrian Waterman, for Yousaf, asked him what he was told to do with the car, a Mitsubishi Shogun.

Yousaf said: “They told me to take it to Upperthorpe, then I got out and then I made my way home.”

Yousaf added he was given ‘£30 to £40’ worth of drugs in return for buying the car. Mr Waterman said: “Didn’t you ask why they wanted you to buy the car?

Yousaf replied: “It didn’t concern me but if I knew what it was going to be used for I wouldn’t be here.”

The court previously heard how the Shogun was used to track down and kill Mr Thomas.

It is the prosecution’s case that Yousaf drove the murder vehicle the night Mr Thomas was shot dead on Derek Dooley Way around 10.15pm on December 21.

Yousaf was arrested on Christmas day 2014 and gave ‘no comment’ during police interviews.

Mr Waterman QC read out a written statement Yousaf made to police.

It said: “At around 10pm that night I was at home with my parents.

“I have no involvement whatsoever regarding the murder of Jordan Thomas and the attempted murder of Neshaun Ferguson.

“I feel scared for my life and that of my family.”

Yousaf, of Violet Bank Road and Ahmed, aged 26, of Broomhall Place, both deny murder. Yousaf’s father Mohammed Yousaf, 61, denies attempting to pervert the course of justice.

The trial continues.