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Move More Month
Move More Month
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Before I became a mum, I was a bit of a gym bunny.

I enjoyed swimming and jogging and took every opportunity to shake my stuff at a Zumba class.

Move More Month

Move More Month

But three years ago all that changed, as 6pm boxercise gave way to being home in time for bath and bedtime. I wouldn’t change that; as a working mum my time is precious and, when my daughter’s awake, it belongs to her. But I do hate that my once flat stomach has given way to ‘mum tum,’ and that I find myself getting out of breath chasing my little one around the garden.

Luckily, there’s a solution. Mums and dad’s of Sheffield, it’s time to get on your feet and get ready to ‘move more,’ as Move More Month is set to get underway in the city this June. Fit and active parents make happy parents, which in turn makes happy children, so make June the month you join me in focusing on your own health.

The initiative is aimed at getting thousands of people across Sheffield moving, introducing accessible exercise into your everyday life - and now Move More had launched the Workplace Challenge, which will see teams of up to 10 people compete for the most combined Move More minutes throughout the month.

The challenge will track participants’ activity on smart phones using the free Move More app, or via tracking devices such as a Fitbit. Users can also manually input their steps from a pedometer. Whatever works best for you!

Teams will compete based on the total number of active minutes that they accumulate throughout June and on the average minutes per team member. The league table will be displayed on the Move More website and medals will be awarded for reachiing certain goals. The company with the most movement at the end of June will be awarded the title of Most Active Business in Sheffield.

Professor Robert Copeland, director for the National Centre for Sport and Exercise Medicine - the project behind Move More - said: “Evidence suggests that being active is a great way to help enhance our physical and mental wellbeing, with lots of benefits for business too. We’re looking forward to seeing businesses clock up as many active minutes as they can to take the title of Move More Workplace Challenge Champions 2017!”

The ‘Outdoor City’ themes of walk, run, ride and climb will feature in this year’s challenge but any form of movement will count to each team’s total minutes. It really is as simple as Move More!

Visit to sign up for the Move More Month Workplace Challenge.