John was a lovely man

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Many of us involved in the constant campaign to keep Sheffield’s heritage – all too often in these straightened times the poor relation – up and running will be saddened to learn of the passing of John Brown, chair of the Friends of Bishop’s House – the city’s half-timbered gem.

I write in an individual capacity as one who got to know John over the last few years.

Together with David Templeman, chair of the Friends of Manor Lodge, I shared beer and sandwiches (and chips) in the Grapes on Trippet Lane while chewing the cud over the future of the site of Sheffield Castle and related subjects.

John could also be relied upon to put his views forward via the letters page of the local press in a succinct but gentle manner.

John was devoted to Bishop’sHouse – as an ex-council architect his views were always valuable, objective and fair, as were his views on people.

His legacy to his city is manifold and not all of it widely known, but one aspect of it is and has already been expressed by Kim Streets, Museums Sheffield, and Simon Ogden, Sheffield City Council.

“He was a lovely man.” I can only echo that.

Ron Clayton


NOrthern general

Many thanks to caring staff

I was recently admitted to the Northern General Hospital, Chesterman 4, for major heart surgery.

I would just like to take the opportunity, to thank all of the staff, from the cleaners, to the surgeons, for their care, during my 10-night stay.

They all work incredibly long hours, without issue, and all done, with a smile on their faces.

They were fantastic, extremely caring.

I am now at home, recovering well.

Many thanks again

David Robinson

Leedham Close