John Buckley: Darren Ferguson will not allow complacency to creep in

Complacency will not be a problem this weekend - because Darren Ferguson will not allow it.
Darren FergusonDarren Ferguson
Darren Ferguson

Leyton Orient are on a terrible run of form and Rovers are clear favourites to record a third straight league win.

But if Ferguson spies anyone not one hundred per cent at it in the build-up he’ll come down on them like a ton of bricks.

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I’ve seen him coaching at the training ground and if he sees something he doesn’t like he’s not shy of letting people know!

He’s aggressive in the way he demands certain things - and it seems to be working.

One thing he said after the match on Saturday I really liked. He said, however the game is going, his team does not tend to get stressed or over-excited.

They just keep on playing.

I think he’s instilled in them that if they do that the goals will come.

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Ferguson wants results and ultimately that’s what he is judged on.

But he wants good performances as well, and in that respect he’s got a bit of the Sean O’Driscoll’s about him.

If Rovers get their performance right, and play the way the manager wants, they’ll get the right results. That seems to be the mentality - and the players look like they’ve bought into it.

It was a really good display last weekend against Hartlepool and I like the way we moved the ball around. More of the same is required on Saturday.

Charity bet: Rovers 2 Leyton Orient 0