Jobseeker councillors

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I CAN assure Phil Parker, who responded to my letter, that those among us old enough to know are sure that the only expenses councillors were allowed to claim was for travel relating to council business and reimbursement was on production of proof.

Long after Ted Heath’s government, councillors - even the workshy among them - were expected to hold down a minimum 40-hour-week full-time job so as not to be a burden on rate/council tax payers.

In today’s climate, unfortunate councillors should be compelled to join the ranks of many of their hapless constituents and apply for Jobseekers’ allowance.

J Oxby, Greenland Drive, S9

Rather the remains

how sad that Paul Kenny (Oct 26) regards the remains of Sheffield castle as nothing more than a pile of masonry with little historical resonance’.

This important part of the city’s history should never have been hidden from view. If it’s a choice between preserving the appalling Castle Market or pulling it down and to uncover the remains of the castle, the I know what I would choose.

Ron Clayton should be congratulated for his tireless campaign to open this historic site.

Susan Richardson, Lodge Moor

Why allow this?

I KNOW of two elderly ladies who live in a one-bedroom flat. Above is a drunkard who goes down to the shops for drink four times a day. He can’t walk straight.

He causes trouble and the police and ambulance are always in attendance.

Why does the housing department allow this situation to arise?

JT, S5