Jobs target set to be missed by council but progress still ranks ‘green’

Barnsley Town HallBarnsley Town Hall
Barnsley Town Hall
Numbers of new jobs created in Barnsley is likely to be below target when the financial year ends in a few weeks, the council has conceded, with the town reaching only 67 per cent of its target with only three months left.

However, the council’s performance still attracts a ‘green’ rating on its ambition to “create more and better jobs and good business growth”, with more progress in other areas.

Coun Roy Miller told colleagues in a meeting of the council’s ruling Cabinet 350 new jobs were to be created at new premises serving the health service near junction 36 on the M1 at Birdwell, with a salary range between £25,000 and £95,000 for those to be employed there.

“This is what we have been trying to achieve,” he said.

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The council had a target to create 1,350 new jobs by the end of the financial year, but up to the end of 2018 the figure was 906.

However, the council has supported 255 businesses which have grown over a nine month period, with 34 new companies locating in the town during the same period.

The council itself is helping the process by employing apprentices, with 116 given work since April 2018, with staff in those circumstances now accounting for more than two per cent of the overall workforce.




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