JO DAVISON: Top publicity for TV driving gang

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The Top Gear team stand accused of being bigoted, outrageous and vulgar.

By the Mexican ambassador, no less.

Their ‘inexcusable insults’ have got him so hot under the collar he’s hopping. Around his sombrero, I imagine.

Clarkson’s Bash Street Gang (my theory: Maseratis and Lamborghinis are just souped up go-karts fashioned out of old pram wheels and an orange box) described his nation’s people as “lazy, feckless, flatulent oafs.” And the ambassador’s taken it to heart and complained.

Don’t ambassadors have a sense of humour? Or the sense to realise that the three hirsute amigos LOVE the publicity when some po-face gets his knickers in a twist over one of their adolescent rants?