JO DAVISON: Royal couple caught on hop

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You know that saying about frogs and princes?

Well, here’s an uncanny coincidence...

The date of the Royal Wedding is also the third annual Save The Frogs Day.

As the two become one, frog-lovers of the world will be uniting in a bid to stop their favourite critters hopping off the planet once and for all.

Apparently, nearly one-third of the world’s frog species are dying out. Up to 200 could already have disappeared.

I’m not surprised. I can tell you why; they all have a death-wish. In a few weeks, come frog-mating time, the lane where I live will once more be a-squish with dead ones, flattened mid-copulation. Conjoined for ever by a Goodyear tread. Amphibians have clearly never heard of safe sex.

Of course, climate change and pollution are also playing a big part in the demise of the frog. There’s also a pesticide farmers use which turns male frogs into females.

But surely the founder of Save The Frogs! is being overly-optimistic in hoping Prince William and Princess Kate will become frog spokespeople.

I don’t think that one’s got legs.