JO DAVISON: ‘Revenge surgery’ just more of the same

Under the knife: Boom in ops
Under the knife: Boom in ops
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He’s dumped you for another woman. The knives are out...

The cosmetic surgeon’s. Revenge Surgery is booming.

Divorcees are flocking for boob jobs, tummy tucks and face lifts - and all so they can exact revenge on their exes.

They now make up over a quarter of Transform Cosmetic Surgery’s business.

The so-called three-in-one ‘yummy mummy package’ is the most popular with women desperate to look the way they did when their men first met them. Before time, complacency and childbirth relegated them to the mumsy ranks and replacement by a younger model like they were the family car.

It’s not that they want to win their exes back. Who would want that superficial, cheating scumbag cosying his toes by the matrimonial hearth ever again? This is “read it and weep” syndrome, writ large on a freshly-Botoxed, ironing board of a forehead. And while it’s sad and wrong, and so much more, that women automatically beat themselves up and blame the belly bulging over their jeans as the reason why he left, such self-recrimination’s been going on forever.

Before you could have a new face and body at the snap of a finger, spurned women went on crash diets and got new haircuts so that they could flaunt themselves whilst feigning total disinterest when their hubbies came to pick up the kids.

Sadly, it’s too ingrained in our psyche to stop, thanks to those men who do walk out when the missus has “gone off the boil” - pot belly, bald patch and all.

But what sickens me is that cosmetic surgery clinics are reaping the benefits of female misery by dressing major surgery as a morale-booster chosen by a woman as an act of emancipation.

A celebration of independence? It couldn’t be further from the truth.