JO DAVISON: Rats, someone’s nicked the wig...

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What a rat the thief who nicked a wig from a charity shop window must be – and look...

Staff at the Samaritan’s shop on Chapel Walk were dressing the window when a clearly desperate opportunist whipped the wig from the head of one of their mannequins.

“I turned my back for a moment and when I looked round, our model was bald. A hand must have reached in and snatched her hair,” says one of the shop’s volunteers. “The wig had definitely seen better days, but it was the best we had. The thief must have been very desperate or very bald. It looked just like a dead rat.”

The shop has now issued its own, Crimewatch-style appeal, urging the public to keep an eye out for baldies who have suddenly taken to sporting a mangy, slightly bouffant brunette look... and tip off the shop.

In the meantime, if anyone has an old wig they would like to donate, it would be to a very worthy cause.

Not only does the shop raise vital funds to keep Sheffield’s Samaritans service running, but the poor mannequin is now having a decidedly bad hair day.

She’s currently sporting black corkscrew curls cut in the style of Nora Batty.

It’s SO not a good look.