JO DAVISON: On-off, on-off, - that’s got to be it for good

Happier times: Jude Law and Sienna Miller
Happier times: Jude Law and Sienna Miller
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They’ve been off and on more times than a bride’s honeymoon negligee - and this time, it looks like nightie-night.

One of the most equally beautiful pairings in showbiz, Jude Law and Sienna Miller, is no more.

Jude first felt the end of Sienna’s boho boot back in 2006 when she discovered he had cheated on her with his children’s nanny.

She was devastated (we saw lots of pap shots to prove it).

But this time, it sounds like Sienna’s chucked in the towel having shed tears of boredom, not tears of betrayal.

They had rekindled their romance, after three years apart, on meeting while working in New York at the same time.

That was back in late 2009 and all had seemed to be going spiffingly.

They recently bought an £8 million home in London. At Christmas he gave her a £130,000 diamond ring and celeb mags tattled about a summer wedding.

But now it’s off - and it seems the Sherlock Holmes actor just didn’t spot the clues.

Reports say she, at 29, got bored because her 11 years older beau was happy to spend too many of his evenings at home.

Can you blame him?

A couple of years off 40, your sofa does look inviting.

But when you’re not even 30 and you’re clinging on to ‘It Girl’ status and trying to get famous for something other than your clothes sense, who wants to turn down a party?

Particularly when you’re going to be walking in with a dish like Law hanging from your wrist - surely the ultimate in covetable accessories.

And then there were all Law’s boring, middle-aged responsibilities - I cannot bring myself to apply the term baggage to children - for Sienna to cope up with. No small matter of three kids, aged from eight to 14, ex-wife Sadie Frost and a baby from an American one-night stand to pay for.

Had they wed and produced another, that’s a five-way split of one man’s affections. Not to mention his money.

As Valentine’s Day nears, without a doubt plenty of South Yorkshire singletons will be mourning the one that got away. The man or woman no other has lived up to since.

But if they had the chance to do what Sienna and Jude did, would their ending have been any happier?

Can you ever really go backwards and make things work?

Very few who do engineer a reconciliation find they can stay together, long-term. After the initial fizz, the re-ignition of the spark is harder to keep alight the second time around.

Many more just continue to dream of their “true love”, out of reach ex (often while married to some unfortunate soul who became ‘winner’ only by default).

It’s all about rose-tinted glasses.

You conveniently forget the things about him that got on your nerves - the pants he wore and left on your bathroom floor, the way he would rush to point out any teeny mistake you made and the way you had to tiptoe on eggshells every time he got in a bad mood.

You remember him as so much better than he actually was, is and can ever be.

Even if he’s Jude Law.