JO DAVISON: Obsessives are just easy prey

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How vain and stupid can you get?

Did the 20-year-old British woman who died in America after having what looks to be industrial silicon injected into her bottom bother to check out what was going to happen to her?

Did she research the risk? Or did she just jet off on what she considered a cut-price beauty jaunt without a care in the world? The cosmetic procedure, banned in the USA and the UK because of the dangers, was all to give her a bigger bottom (madness to 99 per cent of womankind). And this wasn’t the first time; rumour has it she’d had the same injection back in November.

Women who throw caution - and their lives - to the wind on a whim because they’re obsessed with the way they look are such easy prey in an industry which feeds on women’s insecurities.