JO DAVISON: Jacko’s still a monster earner

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And his death has changed nothing.

In fact, it’s sent profits rocketing. Since 2009, his estate has made some £200 million a year. A sight more than Jacko got in the latter days, when he was feeling distinctly on his uppers (relatively speaking, that is. He still managed to traverse the world in private planes and maintain a lifestyle of privilege).

His total earnings now stand at over $1bn - officially making him the world’s top-earning dead celebrity.

It’s touching to know that, even though they are preoccupied with bringing the doctor who prescribed his powerful painkillers and sedatives to trial, The Family have managed to find the strength to sign a few record deals and bring out the memorabilia.

The latest offering from The House Of Jackson? A perfume launches in March.

It doesn’t smell of the man himself, which is probably no bad thing, it is made from the flowers that grow on Michael’s Neverland Estate.

What will his dad come up with next to keep the memory of his most famous son alive – and the millions rolling in?

A set of Jacko tea-towels and matching white oven glove?