JO DAVISON: Have-a-go-heroes a reminder of yesteryear

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Too many people walk on by.

Looking after Number One is our priority.

It’s a sign of the times - a symptom of the Me, Me, Me Society, rather than the Big Society that David Cameron keeps banging on about.

You see someone in distress or danger and you don’t step in to help for fear of getting hurt yourself. Or arrested. Or even sued (it happens; the Daily Mail is always telling us so).

Consequently, when people do act like Good Samaritans, they make the rest of us feel humbled and that little bit smaller, because we know that, in the same situation, we probably wouldn’t have had the bottle to do what they did.

Take the old lady who waded in when she saw a gang attempting to rob a jeweller’s in Northampton. She didn’t run and hide, she did what those self-respecting, stalwarts of the community-type grannies of 50 years ago would have done and battered them with her handbag. There were six of them and they had a bettering ram, but she kept on going. And folk were so struck by Supergran’s courage, they joined in. Result? The gang got arrested.

Good for her. Thank God for her.

And for a chap called Adie Wild. The Doncaster painter and decorator was out walking his two bulldogs, like he does most days, when he spotted a dangerous dog run into the grounds of Hexthorpe Primary School. The Japanese Akita had already tried to attack three people in the local park. So Adie went back home.

But only to put on his thickest jacket and fashion a lead into a lasso. He walked back into the playground like John Wayne and managed to capture the snarling animal.

“I would sooner the dog had bit me than a child,” he said afterwards.

What an absolute legend.