JO DAVISON: Dress code is uniformly good sense

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Parents in Barnsley are furious their kids have been turned away from school - for something as seemingly trivial as wearing the wrong colour trainers.

There’s a huge row going on about the warning letters Kirk Balk School says it sent, and the parents say they didn’t get, which meant kids turfed out of the school sitting on doorsteps as a consequences,

But the real issue is a clear one. The school want their pupils in plain black footwear - and some parents don’t want to have to buy them.

Kids’ brains aren’t in their feet - they’re in their head, they say. What does it matter if their trainers have trendy stripes instead of being plain, regulation black?

I’m with the school. Toe the line, parents. Uniforms are there for a reason - the clue is in the name. Uniformity means no one stands out as too posh, too poor, or one more trendy than the other.

Schools have the right to decide on what they want their pupils to wear - and it’s every parent’s responsibility to find out exactly what that is or isn’t - then do as they are asked, just like their parents did before them. If they don’t, the message they are giving their kids is discipline and respect for authority don’t matter.

Schools should have seen this coming when they allowed sweatshirts though.

Bring back shirts, ties - and proper shoes, I say.