JO DAVISON: Designer will be in fashion again

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His hands create the most stunningly beautiful clothes. And then out of his mouth pops something so ugly.

Sacked by Dior, disgraced and now facing the possibility of six months in jail, fashion designer John Galliano’s crazy world has imploded faster even than the puffball skirt did.

The Brit who was so mega-talented he was chosen by the world’s most respected fashion houses has blown it big-time.

Since his anti-Semitic rants were caught on camera in a Paris bar, every luvvy who loved him has curled up their lip (as much as the Derma-fill will allow) and backed away like he’s poodle doo on the Rive Gauche.

Whether the plumber’s lad from Streatham is REALLY a Fascist, or has been rendered borderline insane by the never-ending demands on his creativity and the drink and drugs the fashion set turn to like we do a mug of tea, one thing’s for sure...

When he rises from the ashes with his own label, the lip-curlers will come flocking.