JO DAVISON: Can Ewing believe it?

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Der, di der, di der diddy der der,..

Dallas, the Remake – I’ve just heard!

It’s on; it’s happening.

17 years, I’ve been waiting. That’s one heck of a long shower.

The TV soap that dominated, nay shaped, the Eighties with its big hair, power shoulders, greed and grasping is about to make a very timely comeback as a TV pilot. And I’ll be glued - again. The Ewing babes John Ross and Christopher (who was surely the ugliest baby in Texas) are all grown and ready to pick up where dads JR and Bobby left off.

Many original stars are lined up. You’ll easily spot ‘em; they look much the same, only their noses are on their foreheads and their navels are now third nipples.