Jo Davison: A snow job from Lisa

Lisa Snowden in the M&S sell-out swimming costume
Lisa Snowden in the M&S sell-out swimming costume
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Since the lovely, lithe Lisa Snowdon stalked across our TV screens looking divine in a slinky M&S swimsuit, sales have gone through the roof.

Women have been clamouring for copycat cossies.

The reason they’re so hot to trot to Marks and Sparks for this little Lycra number?

It’s got built-in tummy control - special hold-you-in panels to keep your beach belly firmly in check. Instant inch-loss for £29.99.

I want one; in fact, I want two. My plan is to wear one over the other for maximum abdominal assistance.

Which goes to show how easily we women are sucked in. Without a doubt, George’s former squeeze has not a single surplus roll or folds in need of reining in. And for the likes of you and I, all the industrial-strength elastic in the world won’t work miracles.

Face it: if you need a tummy control panel, there ain’t no way you’re ever going to look like Lisa.