JO DAVISON: A penny for your thoughts

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One measly penny.

It’s hardly worth tuppence, if you know what I mean.

The cost of petrol is so high, a penny off is only going to be significant to businesses who guzzle vast amounts on transport.

To the likes of you and me, what is supposedly the Government’s trump card in a Look, We Care budget is more like the Joker in the pack. Useless.

I reckon the saving means I will almost be able to buy a weekly packet of chewing gum at the petrol station. Give or take 10p.

“Ah, but we’ve also decided not to go ahead with plans for the extra 5p price rise we were going to slap on you in April. So really, we’re saving you 6p,” said the man who does the books for Britain.

Cameron and Clegg have pulled back from a price rise that would likely have caused yet another national revolt to save their own necks.

And we are supposed to be supremely grateful?