Jeff recalls his life on the Cross

The idea of telling his granddaughter about his early life has inspired a Sheffield man to write a book recalling his childhood on Parson Cross.

Thursday, 25th October 2018, 5:05 pm
Updated Thursday, 25th October 2018, 5:13 pm
Prefects and staff at Marlcliffe Intermediate Secondary School

Former steelworker and council officer Jeff Calvert, who now lives in Loxley, has recently published Life on the Cross, all about his formative years on the estate.

Jeff said: 'I've got a granddaughter who is six and a half and it was a way of letting her know a bit more about her grandparents, her great-grandparents and other relatives.

The cover of Jeff Calvert's book, Life on the Cross

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'That was the original plan. Having got something down on paper, I thought I wonder if I could interest a wider audience?'

He added: 'It should evoke a lot of memories, particularly for the poorer ones, like I was.'

Jeff and his family moved on to the estate in 1947, when it was still new. He said: 'It was the old Parson Cross, before the one at Wordsworth Avenue and Chaucer and all that was built.'

Jeff looks back at his days at Shirecliffe Infant and Junior Schools, Marlcliffe Intermediate Secondary School and Sheffield College of Advanced Technology and when got his first job working for Thomas Firth and John Brown Limited in the Brown Firth Research Laboratories.

Footballers at Marlcliffe School

This story covers his first 22 years until 1965, when he left the Cross.

He added: 'I'm hoping, if things go well, to try another one for the next period of my life.'

That will cover his time living in Wadsley village.

Jeff has supplied two pictures from his schooldays at Marlcliffe and and hopes they will jog a few memories.

The prefects picture shows back row (left to right): Pauline Craig; Anthea Britton; John Sellars; Peter Bates; Jeff Calvert; Howard Bramall; Frank Hogg; John DeVine; Patricia Barrott; Betty Turner. Front row: Stephen Gascoyne; Margaret Nichols; Margaret Barton; Miss Coatsworth (deputy headteacher); Miss Nuttall (headteacher); Mr Reynolds (deputy headteacher); Sandra Bell; Margaret Curtis; Stanley Ellis.

The football picture shows Back row (left to right), Captain Outram (PE teacher); John Sellars; Alan Hague; Jeff Calvert; Ian Lappin; Peter Bates; Trevor Morritt. Front row: Bryn Thomas; Dave Adams; Clive Kavulok; Barry Pinder; Graham Williamson.

He has also set up a website with information on his life and pictures from his early years. It's called

A copy of the book, published by Sheffield firm Pickard's, costs £10 including postage and packaging. To order a copy, including a written dedication of your choice, email [email protected] or visit Jeff's website.