Jealous Sheffield mum told police boyfriend was a paedophile when she saw him talking to younger woman

A jealous Sheffield mum-of-three has revealed how she told police her boyfriend was a paedophile when she saw him talking to a younger woman.

Friday, 11th October 2019, 12:40 pm
Updated Friday, 11th October 2019, 12:40 pm

Maggie Ralph-Jones, 43, who is now single, also revealed that she sniffs bed sheets and checks for hairs that aren’t hers, once cut the sleeves of all of a boyfriend’s shirts, let tyres down on his motor and emptied a bin with a used sanitary towel over a partner’s car when she suspected him of cheating.

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In an interview with The Sun she confessed to the extreme lengths she has gone to when the green-eyed monster has been roused.

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Sheffield mum Maggie has spoken of her jealousy issues.

The care assistant, who has three children has also counted condoms – and admits she’s possessive.

She told the newspaper: "I’m currently single and while life is easier, I’d love to find a bloke who is faithful.

“I’m a possessive girlfriend. In the past I’ve routinely counted out the condoms in the packet by the bed, I look in the bins. I’ve checked bed sheets for hairs that aren’t mine. I’ll sniff the pillows and bed sheets too.

“One time I found a used sanitary towel in the bathroom bin. When the bloke I was seeing arrived home that night I emptied it out over his car that and demanded he explain who it belonged to. Turned out it was his mum’s – apparently.

“One ex received a thong in the post. He swore blind he wasn’t cheating.

“In a fury I took a pair of scissors and snipped one arm off every single one of his shirts and I let down the tyres on his car.”

“Then there was the time we were going on holiday together. We were camping and a group of girls were in the tent next to us. They invited us round for a drink.

“The usual flirting started. I pretended to go to the loo and instead I pulled up one of the tent pegs so it was higher than it was supposed to be.

“I sent him to get me some headache tablets because I 'wasn’t feeling very well.'

“In the dark he tripped over the tent peg, cut his knee, bruised his shin and sprained his ankle. That put paid to any more nonsense between him and girls young enough to be his daughters.

“Another time we went away for the weekend. I found him swimming in the lake throwing a frisbee with a teenager, who looked like something on the page of Sports Illustrated.

“In a fit of jealousy I called the police and told them I was worried about a man with an underage girl.

“They arrived within minutes - blue lights flashing - and questioned both of them. Turns out she was 21 and on holiday with her girlfriend.”

“To this day he doesn’t know it was me who did that. In the end I gave him the boot for my own piece of mind.

“I might have been a bit OTT jealous but he gave me loads of reasons to be have like that. Men are like dogs and will stray if they can."