Jayne’s letters refreshing

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I find Jayne Grayson’s everyday observations and unwillingness to accept the ill-thought-out actions of fools a refreshing change in a world obsessed with not making a fuss or causing offence.

I for one would love to read more from her.

As for the imbecile whining on about her contributions to the Star and their inner turmoil on who the Star print on a regular basis, I say this “Shut yer gob yer whiney left-wing coward.

At least Jayne has the guts to stand up and say it as she sees it rather than be a sheep that takes as gospel everything she is told and when she has said her bit she puts her name under it, unlike you.”

So yes, more Jayne please.

Lee Swords


n I hope that Jayne Grayson continues writing to the Star. At least she has the courtesy to put her name at the end of her letters – unlike the critic who hides behind the nom-de-plume of ‘Twisted Nerve’.

Marjorie Neal

Fairbarn Road, S6