James DeGale v Chris Eubank Jr – who wins? Our judges give their votes.

We asked our Star boxing panel of professionals past and present for their prediction for Saturday's London spectacular pitting together James DeGale and Chris Eubank Jr.

Wednesday, 20th February 2019, 09:41 am
Updated Wednesday, 20th February 2019, 09:42 am
Sheffield promoter Richard Poxon with DeGale and Eubank jr. Pic Lawrence Lustig

Their responses mirror the boxing public - pretty much split down the middle. Many of the responders find Eubank hard to like - but certainly respect his ringcraft and pedigree.

Here's what each one of our guest contributors forecast.


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DeGale was over-rated when he came through but when he reached the top and proved how good he was, he didn't get as much credit as he should have had. The fight, for me, is all about DeGale if he's got even 75% of what he's proved he is capable of then he wins. Eubank has the perfect style to give him problems but hasn't shown the heart or boxing brain that will get him the win.

Yet if DeGale is less than 75%, Eubank should win...unless he bottles it like he did against Billy Joe Saunders.

Sheffield promoter Richard Poxon with DeGale and Eubank jr. Pic Lawrence Lustig


Eubank got heavily exposed by George Groves, in fact he has a problem with anybody who has boxing movement! However DeGale is high mileage: he's been there and done it and I am not sure how much he has left in the tank. A very interesting fight especially after eight rounds or so but I will go with DeGale to win on points. It's a great fight.


I've no connections to either boxer and wouldn’t like to see one win more than the other - it’s just nice to see fighters taking on the challenge and giving people a top fight!

Chris Eubank Jr celebrates victory over Gary O'Sullivan with his dad Chris Eubank Snr during the Middleweight bout at the O2 Arena, London.

It all depends what DeGale has left; he’s been in some tough fights. If he's still got a lot in the tank, he wins convincingly, but if he’s gone to the well a few too many times, it could be Eubank's night. I'll go DeGale on points. He’s a better boxer and also a big super middleweight.


I hope DeGale wins. I've always liked him just hope he's got enough left in the tank. It's a 50/50 fight.The winner will depend on which James DeGale turns up. If the DeGale of old shows up he will be too clever for Eubank and outbox him.

But Eubank has age on his side still and is very strong. He will keep going after DeGale all night long. Prediction: DeGale points.

James DeGale reacts after his IBF World Super-Middleweight championship bout with Caleb Truax at the Copper Box, London.


It doesn't matter to me who wins, but I think DeGale will be defensive and use his boxing skills to out-point him.


I would like DeGale to win and think he will. Any time Eubank comes up against a top quality boxer with good movement and a boxing brain he gets beaten; so DeGale has the experience and tools to do the job.


I think DeGale will but it all depends on his body and how much he wants it. DeGale is on his last fight and am sure he wants to leave the sport with a good with. What better way to do it in your home town?

Chris Eubank Jnr celebrates beating Tom Doran during their British Middleweight Championship at the O2 Arena, London.


I want DeGale to win. Eubank is over-hyped and got attention because of his dad. And I think DeGale will win on points. He's too skilful, boxed at the very highest level amateur and pro. Some think he's slow and past it but I believe he's got one or two more good performances in him.


Both are confident, skilled fighters. DeGale is the better boxer though and I think he will win. It’ll be a good fight, with both fighters giving it their all. I think either fighter could find a way to win, but the skill and experience of DeGale will pay off. I can see DeGale controlling the fight with a good jab, and making Eubank pay when he misses.

May the best fighter win, and may both men come out of it safely.


I’m not a massive fan of either but Eubank is never out of shape and that sets a good example to all young prospects. I think DeGale wins the fight though. He’s mixed with better company is naturally bigger and is a more talented fighter but I wouldn’t write off Eubank. Like I said he’s always fit and if DeGale isn’t, he’ll be found out.




I’m not bothered who wins although it’s a very interesting fight that I will definitely watch. I think Eubank will win. I think it’s his time and James has seen better days as from his last few fights. I think Eubank's engine and energy will be too much. If this fight was four years ago...James wins comfortably.


I'd like to see the best man winning on the account of friendship with Eubank Snr and Jim McDonnell trainer of DeGale, but I think Jnr will win. It looks like DeGale has aged considerably overnight and with Jnr's work rate Degale will not be able to move out of the line of fire. In recent fights DeGale has marked up a great deal and not been able to fight at a high pace...a sign of a fighter on the decline or possibly not getting up for fights against low-grade opposition. So, after all, said Eubank via points or TKO half way.


I'd like DeGale to win, I am not a fan of Eubank's character - accept it when you're beaten! I think we’ve seen the best of DeGale, and even at his prime fades during the later rounds. DeGale takes the early rounds but Eubank can get the stoppage anything after eight rounds.


I think Eubank's youth, speed and work rate will be telling-points. DeGale is calling this the retirement fight. He gave up his world title and is definitely on the slide as his last few fights have shown. Eubank has failed on the two occasions he has mixed it in true world class - Saunders, Groves - so I think he will not allow himself to sit back in the early rounds like he has before. But DeGale is a proud fighter so will be in it all the way. If pushed I’d go with Eubank, late stoppage or points.


I’d like DeGale to win so he can leave the sport on a high. But I think Eubank does beat him. DeGale has been in one too many battles, and I don’t know how much he has left.


I want DeGale to win, but I have a feeling it will be Eubank Jr as DeGale has got too many miles on the clock.

It's particularly interesting to me - did you know I knocked out Eubank's uncle Simon in three rounds back in day? (1991.)


I think at this stage of their careers, Eubank will be the fresher of the two.


I think Eubank will win, as DeGale is jaded a little. I feel Eubank's engine will be too much at this stage of DeGale's career, but if you have asked 18 months ago, I’d have picked DeGale.


I'd like DeGale to win but can see Eubank getting a late TKO.


For me, DeGale boxes his head off but if they get into a war Eubank will win. I feel DeGale has gone off the radar so be good to see Eubank get a win after the Groves defeat.


James Degale: pic by Lawrence Lustig