Jail term reduced for career criminal who ransacked Rawmarsh social club

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A career criminal who caused thousands of pounds of damage while ransacking a Rotherham social club for cash on New Year’s Eve has had his jail term reduced.

Gregory Allen, 44, was jailed for two years and four months at Sheffield Crown Court in February after he admitted burgling the social club in Rawmarsh.

His sentence took account of two shoplifting offences - in which the veteran thief had pilfered meat and cheese.

The New Year’s Eve burglary was carried out by Allen and an accomplice, who targeted the deserted social club, which is beside the Stagecoach bus depot.

The raiders got in through a window, destroying an expensive gaming machine as they searched for cash. They also badly damaged a safe and confectionary machine before fleeing with £200 in cash.

The pair left a trail of destruction to the tune of £7,800 and stole property worth £590.

Allen, of Rawmarsh, argued his sentence was far too tough - and it was cut to 19 months at the Court of Appeal. Allen has 151 past offences on his criminal record, which goes back 25 years.

Appeal judges said his sentence for the latest offence was ‘manifestly excessive’.