Jail for man who used machete in carjacking in Sheffield

A man who used a machete to attack a motorist in a terrifying carjacking in Sheffield has been jailed.

Boe Mayfield, of Martin Street, Upperthorpe, has been locked up for four years and six months over the incident and a string of other offences he also admitted.

The 30-year-old pleaded guilty to blackmail, possession of a bladed article, two counts of assault, escape from lawful custody and possession of cannabis.

Sheffield Crown Court heard how on September 8 Mayfield approached a car which pulled up outside Sainsbury’s Local on Weston Street in the Netherthorpe area of Sheffield.

As passengers got out of the vehicle, Mayfield got into the car pulled a machete from his jacket and threatened to kill the driver while demanding the keys.

When the driver refused to comply, Mayfield attacked him with the machete he was brandishing. PC Zareen Gulzar said: “Mayfield made threats to kill the driver of the car, demanding that he handed over the keys. When the victim refused, Mayfield attacked him with the machete. The victim bravely tried to fight him off. He climbed out of the vehicle and as he tried to remove the key, it snapped in the ignition.“Mayfield was somewhat deterred by this and got out of the vehicle, and ran at the victim and his friends brandishing the machete at anyone who came near him.“This was not only a hugely traumatic experience for the driver, but also his friends who watched things unfold. I want to commend the victim, who tried to fight Mayfield off and was incredibly brave.”When Mayfield was later arrested officers took him to hospital for treatment for a leg injury and he tried to escape – assaulting two members of the public in the process.PC Gulzar said: “Whilst waiting to be admitted he asked to go to the toilet, then as his handcuffs were removed Mayfield attempted to escape. “Whilst he only made it as far as A&E before being detained again, he still managed to assault two members of the public, leaving them incredibly shaken.”During his police interviews, Mayfield admitted that he had been high after taking a combination of alcohol and cannabis.PC Gulzar added: “Mayfield is a dangerous individual and, in this instance, his crimes have had a profound impact on not only the victim but people who witnessed this attack.“Incidents involving the level of violence displayed by Mayfield are rare in South Yorkshire, but when they do happen, we as a force will vigorously investigate and bring offenders to justice.“I welcome the sentence passed and it is right that he is off the streets and cannot harm anyone else.“I want this this result to send out a message to anyone who thinks they can target innocent people. We will not tolerate their activities, especially offences involving the use of weapons, and we will bring you before the courts.”