Jail for plumber caught with £12,000 of drugs

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A PLUMBER who grew more than £12,500 worth of cannabis at home to help him relax and treat his aching knees has been jailed for three months.

Daniel Yarrow, aged 28, was caught when police officers searched his home in Hazelwood Drive, Swinton.

Sheffield Crown Court heard Yarrow, who admitted producing cannabis, was ‘shocked’ by the amount of the drug he produced and told police he grew it because it was ‘getting expensive to buy’.

But Judge Alan Goldsack QC said Yarrow’s drug cultivation was ‘determined and premeditated’ and he had no option but to jail him.

He said: “You’ve brought into existence a large amount of a dangerous drug. There’s a public duty to be done.”

Fiona Swain, prosecuting, said police called to Hazelwood Drive on Monday, September 19, noticed the smell of cannabis from the house.

They found cropped plants hanging to dry in a first-floor bedroom on lines and on a clothes dryer, as well as lights and ventilation equipment.

Ms Swain said: “Yarrow was arrested and claimed he’d done it because it was getting expensive to buy and thought he would have a go at growing a few cannabis plants.”

Yarrow told officers he had grown six plants and had cut them down two days earlier.

He said he used £10 worth of cannabis each week, it was the first time he had grown it and he had no intention of selling it.

Ms Swain said: “He said it helped him relax and helped him with aching knees suffered through his job as a plumber.”

Yarrow, who had no previous convictions, grew 1.252kg of cannabis with a street value of £12,520 and a bulk sale value of £8,048.

Katherine Goddard, mitigating, said Yarrow left school aged 15 with few qualifications and found employment, but was made redundant five years ago.

She said he set up his own business and also took a second job in the evenings.

She said: “He’s not been the sort of young man who spends his time drinking or fighting or making his way in the world by living off the taxpayer.

“He’s worked hard, but that has taken its toll upon him physically.

“He had absolutely no idea how much cannabis he would be able to grow. He was shocked.”

She said the cannabis would have lasted for three-and-a-half years and that Yarrow had stopped using the drug since his arrest.

Ms Goddard said: “By this rather amateur venture he has placed at risk everything he’s spent the last 13 years working for.”