Iwan Thomas Fight to Re-home Unwanted Greyhounds - VIDEO

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Former European and Commonwealth champion Iwan Thomas is launching a new campaign to help increase the number of Greyhound dogs re-homed in 2011.

The self-proclaimed dog-lover is a big supporter of the Retired Greyhound Trust, which is working alongside the Greyhound UK Buses on the scheme, to ensure as many unwanted Greyhounds as possible find new homes and loving owners. The charity currently has more than 1000 dogs in kennels across the country waiting for new homes and another 1000 who have recently retired and are waiting for a space in their kennels.

New research into our relationships with our pets reveal that we consider them an integral part of the family. In fact, it’s been found that many people refer to themselves as mummy and daddy when talking to their pet, allow their pet to sleep on their bed and would even consider leaving their pet in their will.