It's time to say enough is enough

Banner to welcome refugees and asylum seekersBanner to welcome refugees and asylum seekers
Banner to welcome refugees and asylum seekers
Peter Gill

Sheffield, S10

They just don't get it do they and they never will, this Council is run by people that lay down the law between the few misguided for the so many of us in Sheffield and unfortunately we can't do anything about it or can we!

If you go down to a meeting at the town hall and you want to put a point forward you will be shouted down, if you raise the point again and told that you will be ejected from the building if you do not be quiet, it's bullying at its worst and it's run by a load of people that will bend over backwards to accommodate the few and not look after the many in other words duty of care.

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We the many would not agree to most things that this Council impose on us we're never given a vote, they don't give us a vote because they know what the answer would be, immigration in the city is welcomed for the people that come here to work and to prosper and to bolster our communities in the hospitals and other such institutions, not people that come over here making other people's lives a misery throwing stuff all over the streets singing and shouting drunk at all hours of day and night and we're supposed to want to try and mix with these people don't the council understand that the normal people in this city don't want anything to do with them it's simple, when you tell somebody it's against the law to throw these things in the street and behave in this appalling manner then it should be understood never mind about me no understand, I understand everything when it comes to benefits or getting round the law.

It's amazing people will comment time and time again I don't go in town now because it's full of asylum seekers and immigrants and when you tell them that this is a City of Sanctuary, they have never heard of it, if we were given a vote on this it would have been vetoed this Council needs to step down and replaced with another Labour Council but I'm afraid will still probably hold the same values but there are certain people on this Council that are very very dangerous.

They're shouting and screaming about cutting back on maintaining the city when they've just laid out £500,000 for the trees and it's come to nothing at all those trees have been cut down a lot of them unlawfully and they're quite welcome to bring people over here and pay for the accommodation and to pay for any other expenses that they may have because don't forget there are a certain amount of people within this Council that will bend over backwards to buy these people new prams clothing etc. if they're going to buy them these things why don't they give them vouchers to go to some charity shops that sell really good quality children's clothes and prams etc. but no they would rather pay for a top of the range because I know my rights.

It's about  time the majority of the people in the city say enough is enough.

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