It's time for real change

A big thank you to everyone who responded to the Star Letter published on April 19 and contacted their MP.

Thursday, 28th April 2016, 6:44 am
Updated Thursday, 28th April 2016, 7:48 am

Sheffield currently has five MPs.

All were invited to back the motion to “recognise” that minorities in Iraq and Syria are “suffering Genocide” at the hands of Daesh, (ISIS).

However, only Angela Smith, (Penistone and Stocksbridge), and Paul Blomfield, (Central), voted.

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It is hoped that the motion – now passed – will put pressure on the UK Government to call on the Security Council to commit to stopping the spread of crimes against humanity.

Although Sheffield has welcomed refugees and asylum seekers, opportunities in the city continue to be very limited.

Based on census data, the human population of Sheffield increased by 7.15 per cent (to 552,698) in the decade to 2011.

It is reasonable to assume that the population will continue to increase by at least 3,500 each year.

According to the council, the city has been in economic decline since the late 1980s. It says: “In-migration has been the biggest driver of population growth since 2001,” and “over 30 per cent of Sheffield’s population live in areas that fall within 20 per cent most deprived in the country.”

The Centre for Cities, (the first port of call for UK and international decision makers seeking to understand and improve UK cities’ economic performance), has described the city as: “classed as having ‘low-wage, high-welfare’ economy”.

Has the Labour Council really been attempting to achieve positive change over the 35 years to date?

Time for real change!

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