It's time for unity and love

Kate and SophieKate and Sophie
Kate and Sophie
Two South Yorkshire families have teamed up to spread a little love - in the aftermath of the EU referendum.

Barnsley mums Kate Raynor and Steph Cronin decided action was needed after witnessing growing negative feelings - both on social media and in the town where they live - between ‘remain’ and ‘leave’ voters.

The pair, along with the daughters, aged nine and five, have now created ‘The Love & Unity Project’ in the hopes they can begin to restore peace among voters and unite their community.

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Kate, aged 32, from Silkstone, said: “Steph and I shared the same concerns about the negative feelings in the town, making some people scared to reveal their political views or even walk the streets for fear of abuse. In the wake of the referendum result there has been a lot of anger. Some members of our society feel unwelcome and unwanted and we want to combat that with a show of unity and love.

“The message we want to send is that we don’t care what you voted or where you’re from, let’s bring everyone back together.”

The Love & Unity Project are kicking off their campaign by marching in Barnsley’s Lord Mayor Parade this Saturday, when they will be giving out free lollies, balloons and hugs and asking people to put their positive messages, about the country and their community, in a ‘love notes’ jar.

And the project has already attracted the attention of Barnsley Council, which has thrown its support behind the group and its message.

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Kate’s daughter Sophie, aged nine, who has taken on the management of the event, said: “We’re doing a love festival to stop people falling out because of the vote. We hope to show everyone that Barnsley is loving and kind. If you can come, please do and show the world what Barnsley is really all about.”

If you’d like to join in, the team will be in the parade ground from 11am.