'It's getting out out hand now' - Call for action as callous fly-tippers dump 'dangerous' materials on Sheffield road

A call for action has been made after callous vandals dumped dust-like waste in a Sheffield fly-tipping hotspot.

Thursday, 2nd November 2017, 1:49 pm
Updated Tuesday, 12th December 2017, 2:09 am
Fly-tipping mess on Grange Mill Lane

Michael Kimpton, of Firth Park said the fly-tipping situation on Grange Mill Lane near Shiregreen is 'getting out of hand' as a latest act of dumping included hazardous materials.

The 51-year-old, who regularly walks his dog down the relatively quiet road which runs adjacent to the M1, said the area has suffered from fly-tipping for at least five years.

Tyres, plastic, furniture and concretre have been dumped in the past but Michael said things have gotten worse.

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Sheffield Council has made enquiries and found out the land is owned by the Department for Transport.

"I don't know why people can think this is okay, whoever is doing this thinks they're above the law," Michael said.

"It's one thing dumping the usual furniture type items - that's bad enough - but these old garage panels which look to be laced with asbestos. It's getting out of hand now. Something drastic needs to be done.

"If that gets in people's lungs, this is really dangerous. People are still feeling the affects from the old works."

Michael said it was time the council installed CCTV cameras along the road as a deterrent which would save the authority more money in the long run.

"The fines are quite hefty, but it's a case of catching them. I don't know how much money it's going to cost the council to clear this mess this time but installing CCTV as a real deterrent.

"I know they would say we don't have the money but this would save more money in the long run."

A Sheffield Council spokesman said the material did not contain asbestos.

"We received a complaint from a local business that has premises adjacent to Grange Mill Lane, on October 24.

“Our officers went on October 30 and did not see any asbestos in the waste.

“We emailed Highways England and their contractor, the next day, to ask them to clear the areas.

“We have spoken, again, to the contractor today and repeated our request. However, there is a query on who owns the land."