It's a disgrace

Given the media/public awareness of plastic pollution I am amazed by the litter around large commercial properties in Sheffield.

Tuesday, 13th February 2018, 5:58 am
Updated Tuesday, 13th February 2018, 6:05 am

Such as Tesco Extra on Savile Street has thousands of plastic bottles strewn at the side of the underground car park next to the pavement. It is a disgrace.

If I see litter outside my house I pick it up.

Sarah Jane

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Helpful council

Can this be why fly-tipping is on the increase? I have some large unwanted items for disposal, so phoned the council to arrange this. As I am a homeowner there is a charge of £21 for three items, which I was willing to pay.

The person who was arranging this asked me to list the items, which I did: one single bed base, (no mattress), one door, I got no further being told we don’t take doors as they are fixtures and fittings. My reply was it was neither fixed nor fitted as it had been replaced by another.

Apparently, they only collect items which can be taken into a house on occupation and removed on leaving and doors cannot. When asked what I do with it I was told to take it to the nearest council tip. I then asked how and was told in a car or van. It won’t fit in my car, so I said we are not allowed to take the van in as it is a long wheelbase vehicle. I was told that is correct, they only allow short or medium wheelbase vehicles. So how do I get it to the tip? The reply, I don’t really know. Very helpful. They have so many rules and regulations now that people cannot be bothered and it is far easier to just dump stuff. Should I do the same? Unfortunately, I am a responsible person and cannot allow myself to fly-tip, so I am stuck with an unwanted door and no means to dispose of it.

How helpful is Sheffield Council?

Angela Grayson

by email

A waste of money

The council are very good at bleating regarding air quality and not making unnecessary journeys. Why is it then that Broomhall Road near Broomhall Nursery has been made a one-way street? I travel up and down there twice a day, every day, and I have never had a problem.

Now the same journey means a pointless detour via Victoria Road to get to the same place.

The council has seen fit to make life harder, cause more pollution and waste people’s time, furthermore it is costing the best part of a million quid to do so!

The next time a Labour councillor whinges about austerity think about the money they waste; consultants, their free parking, police every time a tree gets felled, it goes on and on. At the next council elections, get rid of this lot.

Gary Speck

Dobcroft Avenue

The moon’s made of cheese

It looks like the southern “we are Gods” still think we northerners are fools with flat caps and whippets.

These ‘elitist’ remoaners are now trying to browbeat the Brexiters into submission by saying they and their constituencies who voted leave will be suffering more than those who voted stay, come Brexit.

Rather a strange coincidence that, don’t you think, that only the vote leave constituencies will really suffer?

The only response to that one is that every prediction these ‘nerds’ have made since the referendum has been proven to be totally wrong, every one.

Did someone say “the moon is made of cheese”? Not really worthy of a mention so I’ll leave it at that for now.

Terry Palmer

South Lea Avenue, Hoyland, Barnsley, S74

Charity price check

There’s been a few letters about charity shops not accepting certain donations.

I donate a lot locally to a hospice charity shop. I am happy to do so as my 11-year-old is growing very quickly, let someone else get a bargain and help a good cause.

When I was dropping a bag of stuff off the other day I recognised a pair of shoes, my son’s old school shoes, his name faded but you could see I had donated them.

I was a bit shocked at the price that they wanted for them.

Now they were Clarks and I had looked after them, cleaned and sprayed them every Friday for the last four months but were they really worth £8.99?

As I left my donation I said to the lady working there, are those shoes that price? She said yes they are.

I get their shoes are pretty good but I don’t think, just because they had Clarks in the shoe they are worth that price.

Maybe as I don’t work in a shop I don’t understand the true value of things.

This is just my feelings on the pricing at charity shops.

Jayne Grayson

by email

Public art in the city

For once I must agree with Joy Bullivant regarding public art in the city centre.

Of course the Crimean War Memorial need not have we ordinary mortals scratching our heads and trying to fathom it out.

The whole things is self- explanatory.

By the way Joy, the Cutlers Hall was never in Cambridge Street, (nee Coal Pit Lane).

Ron Clayton


He should think first

Is it just me or are the rest of citizens of Sheffield getting fed up with the antics of what appears to be a small but vociferous minority of people opposed to the tree felling programme?

I read in the Star that Calvin Payne has offered to pay “a realistic sum” because he implies he cannot afford to pay the full £16,000 he owes the council.

He should have thought about that before he broke the injunction forbidding people to enter the safety zones.

He further compounded his guilt by urging others to do the same.

As a taxpayer, I would urge the council to demand full payment.

Alternatively he could serve the prison sentence he was lucky enough to avoid.

As for the occupation of the council chamber by a few middle class hooligans, could I suggest they find something more useful to do with their time such as protest about the deforestation of the rainforests throughout the world due to illegal logging instead of a few diseased or dying road trees which incidentally are being replaced by more suitable species.

Roger Bird