'It's a miracle' - Sheffield dad recalls terror after quad biker 'blasted him with shotgun'

The shooting is said to have happened in woodland off Smithywood Road in ChapeltownThe shooting is said to have happened in woodland off Smithywood Road in Chapeltown
The shooting is said to have happened in woodland off Smithywood Road in Chapeltown
A Sheffield dad said 'it was a miracle' he escaped unharmed after a 'quad biker blasted him with a shotgun from close range'.

The witness, who cannot be named for legal reasons, told police that cousins Ricky Mayfield, 30 and Francis Mayfield 24, were 'waiting in bushes' on quad bikes before riding over to confront them in woodland close to Smithy Wood Road in Chapeltown.

The second witness, who also cannot be named, lost his middle finger, his little finger and part of his ring finger on his left hand after being shot whilst 'trying to run them over', Sheffield Crown Court heard.

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It's the prosecutions case that Ricky fired the gun and Francis shouted 'blast him' to his cousin. The prosecution say the attack on April 23 last year was motivated by 'bad blood' between the victim and the defendants.

The jury at Sheffield Crown Court were played the witness' police tape where he described what happened.

The witness said he was out riding on quad bikes and motorbikes with the eventual shooting victim and two other men.

They had stopped for a 'drink and a cigarette' when they noticed two quad bikes coming towards them.

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Speaking to police last year, the witness said: "I saw these quad bikes coming towards us and I thought at first it was one of my mates. The next minute, about 10 meters away from us the back passenger jumped off and one shouted 'blast him!'

"I saw this shotgun and I stood there in a daze. I didn't know what was happening.

"The first shots went off and there was a loud 'ping, ping, ping' on the quads and the bikes where the pellets had peppered them.

"I then saw my son fly towards them on one of the bikes towards this kid with shotgun trying to knock him over."

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The court heard the witness managed to get in touch with his son who said he had been shot in the hand. The witness then drove to the Travellers' Inn where the victim had stopped.

Telling the police why he came forward, the witness said: "My son could've been killed.

"I'm not having it if they get away with this they could come back and kill him.

"I'm not bothered if they call me a grass, I will stand in that court and go all the way."

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The witness was asked how he felt shortly after the incident. He added: "I was in shock. It's a miracle how he missed us. I don't how we are not in hospital with gunshot wounds."

Ricky Mayfield, of Norfolk Park bail hostel and Francis Mayfield, of Toppham, Road, Lowedges, are jointly accused of attempted murder and possession of a firearm.

They deny all charges. The trial continues.

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