'It would be quicker to walk': The roadworks causing daily traffic HELL for Sheffield motorists

This is the familiar sight of huge tailbacks for many Sheffield motorists after six months of major roadworks in the area.

Tuesday, 12th December 2017, 12:52 pm
Updated Tuesday, 12th December 2017, 12:55 pm
Traffic jams in Sheffield - Picture: Maria Green
Traffic jams in Sheffield - Picture: Maria Green

Work started in late May on the construction of the new £35m St James Retail Park which is due to open in Spring 2018.

A new traffic light controlled entrance is being constructed off Bochum Parkway with adjustements also being made to Meadowhead roundabout.

However, motorists have blamed the huge daily traffic build-ups in the area on the constant construct roadworks at the roundabout.

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Frustrated Sheffield resident Maria Green even took a picture of the huge tailbacks on Greenhill Avenue and local residents were quick to echo her annoyance.

Steve Wilson said: "It's been like that for a few weeks now, all because of the roadworks at Meadowhead roundabout."

Eileen Barter said: " I worked out that I have wasted about 40 minutes each week due to those works, and I don't travel at rush hour!"

Michelle Allen said: "It's the same on Blackstock Road in Gleadless. Took me an hour to get to town."

Nick Williams said: "They've done a really great job of the roundabout at Meadowhead. It has destroyed traffic flow which often causes tailbacks beyond the next roundabout at Norton."

The roadworks are expected to continue until after Christmas.

Construction workers had warned back in May that lanes would be closed on the Bochum Parkway and adjacent roads for certain periods over the week, including the weekend.

However, they stressed that they would endeavour to ensure that the roads would return to full running capacity during peak traffic and rush hours.

Footpaths and cycle paths would also be diverted around sections of the works during periods and bus stop locations may also be altered.