It would be arrogant to think only we have noticed Atdhe Nuhiu's superb form: Sheffield Wednesday Fan's Column

There's only one man I can talk about this week, and it's not Fernando Forestieri making his joyful return.

Thursday, 5th April 2018, 5:49 pm
Updated Thursday, 5th April 2018, 5:51 pm
Jubilant scorers Owls Lucas Joao with Atdhe Nuhiu.....Pic Steve Ellis

Atdhe Nuhiu, he goes by many names and descriptions, some he likes some he doesn’t. He lulls the opposition into a false sense of security. They call him a donkey, say he lumbers around the pitch, question his credentials as to whether he is a footballer. I like it when he proves the doubters wrong.

I’ve talked before of my admiration for Atdhe. I think he’s an intelligent player who doesn’t do what people’s prejudicial bias expect him too. Just because he’s taller than a giant redwood, it doesn’t mean that he likes to play long ball game.

He plays to his feet, drags opposition defenders out of position to create space for other players, he plays it down and distributes to attacking players (yes I know we lack that right now but Joao is undoubtedly benefitting from Nuhiu’s style of play.)

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The primary criticism from Wednesday fans has always been that he doesn’t score many goals for a striker, but I’ve always felt he brings more to the team than that.

Atdhe was voted Wednesday Player of the Month, and it truly couldn’t have gone to anyone else. He has brought goals, wins, points and from what the other players have been saying, laughter to the dressing room.

The Kosovan international, who has also found his scoring form for the national team, is out of contract in the summer. The fans’ calls for him to be signed up immediately are belated. There will be other clubs now looking at whether his form is sustainable. It would be arrogant of us to presume that we’re the only ones who have noticed.

There will be some who say his rise to the top is because we have been unable to play team members who would be above him in the first team pecking order. This may be so but he’s taken his chance and the club are benefitting from him. Sign him up.