It seems nothing has changed much

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During my recent visit to London, I was struck with the remarkable favourable contrast between that city and Sheffield.

Here, the intolerable number of dogs, most of them existing for no earthly good, is notorious.

In London, in the course of a week, I saw but two, one was being nursed in the arms of a lady and the other, a ferocious looking animal, in the charge of a man equally forbidding. I saw none that were permitted to run at large to the danger and annoyance of foot passengers, as is the case hourly in our town.

Among the many abuses that call for removal surely the dog nuisance is the most monstrous. It struck me that if London could be spared the plague of useless dogs, why not Sheffield?

The notice issued by our worthy Mayor had but little effect and however ungracious the duty. I hope that the parties in authority will not fail to deal with the subject as the case requires. I would recommend an application to the city authorities, as there is no doubt that their remedy for the nuisance is truly a most effective one.


These words are not mine, this letter was sent to the Sheffield Independent on September 15, 1861. It seems nothing changes.

Vin Malone

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