It’s time we looked into agencies

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There seems to be a lot of inquiries either taking place or being demanded lately.

Well here is another inquiry that should definitely be taking place, the role of some so-called job agencies.

Why you may ask? I will tell you why.

The majority of people including thousands of young men and women who really want to work are, in my opinion, being exploited by these so-called agencies who offer jobs and then lo and behold after a few weeks of work are told they are no longer needed and are back on the scrap heap, no doubt after the agency having trousered their own little earner.

What are present day union leaders and our local Labour MPs doing about it? Absolutely nothing.

We don’t expect anything from the ‘nasty party’ but at the very least our own kind should at least be questioning this agency malpractice which treats would-be young workers (and old) as fodder just as they were in Victorian times.

Listen up you local Labour MPs and union leaders.

It is now time this fodder farming was stopped. Of course I’m not holding my breath.

Terry Palmer

South Lea Avenue, Hoyland, Barnsley