It’s time to update laws

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As a specialist family lawyer working in the field of surrogacy I would like to applaud High Court Judge Dame Lucy Theis for speaking out on the issue of surrogacy.

Dame Lucy has said the failure by parents to register the majority of children born through surrogacy is “a ticking legal timebomb” and I agree with her comments.

Last year an estimated 2,000 children were born to surrogate mothers – mostly overseas, before being handed over to British parents. But according to the government’s child protection agency, CAFCASS, only 241 applications were made for parental orders.

This is the crucial legal document that transforms the identify of a child, such that he or she becomes the child of the proposed parents and eliminates any legal links to any other parents.

I am now receiving double the enquiries from parents interested in pursuing surrogacy compared to a year ago.

While surrogacy is gaining in popularity there is still little public awareness about it works or where people should go for more information.

It is now also vital for the British government to update its laws on surrogacy in order to put the welfare of the child squarely at its centre.

Hannah Cornish

Slater and Gordon, Family Lawyer