It’s time to look forward to one of the greatest family events of the calendar year - Bonfire Night!

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The hour going back last week has had a significant effect on our children. For weeks I have constantly had to chivvy the trio to get up and get ready whenever a school day looms. I would even resort to dragging covers off complaining children in the hope of persuading them to actually leave the sanctuary of their beds.

But now they seem to be getting up when it still seems to be the middle of the night and come bouncing into the bedroom beaming and shouting “Morning!” at the top of their voices, much to our dismay.

Once children are up they are really up. There is no way you can persuade them back to bed, sadly. So, bleary-eyed, one of us usually grumbles out of bed to take them to the kitchen and start on the very early morning breakfast routine.

Then we blindly stumble over to the telly and click it on as a standby babysitter for them to watch while we groggily worm back under the covers for a few more precious minutes of shut eye.

Only this too is usually short lived as you have only just managed to nod off again when the alarm clock nastily creeps up at you and yells in your face that it is time to get up. That or one of the children comes up to let you know there is an argument ensuing over what to watch on the TV. That or the baby had managed to turn the telly off and no one has a clue where the remote has gone.

The worst thing about being up so early at this time of year is the fact that it is still pitch black. As you open the curtains you are hit by a wall of darkness with only a few street lights breaking up the murkiness. A few people bundled up in coats can be seen stamping their feet against the bitter cold as they wait for the early morning bus in a road which is deathly quiet – with no sign yet of the imminent early morning rush of traffic.

And to make it even worse, as you go home from work you also find yourself submerged in darkness. The only time I seem to see the light of day is if I force myself to leave the office to go and buy a sandwich from outside. Failing that I never seem to see a glimmer of sunlight.

That is why winter is not a time of year I relish. Summer now seems a very faint memory.

However, winter is also a cosy, warm time of year when you can happily wear lots of layers of clothes without feeling uncomfortable or worrying if you have shaved your legs or not. Roaring fires, crunchy leaves and woolly scarves, hats and gloves are all nice parts of winter.

That and the fact the nights drawing in indicate one great event in the calendar – Bonfire Night. This was always a firm favourite of mine as a child and the smell of sparklers always brings back great memories for me of me clinging to Dad’s hand as I watched in awe the bangs and crashes filling the sky.

Now it is my turn as a parent to take my offspring to watch similar great displays and get giddy and excited as the display reaches its crescendo. For the past couple of years I have headed down to Chelsea Park in Brincliffe Edge, where the Scouts put on a fabulous display.

Other great displays this year include Sheffield City Council’s backed After Dark display out at Don Valley Stadium. For more information visit: